Friday, April 6, 2012


There are no words that can be spoken to rewind reality or to soften the blow of losing a loved one. Right after I heard the news and sat outside Sammy for who knows how long with other students weeping and hurting, I still half expected him to walk into the Media Comm checkout room the next day, getting ready for another film shoot of his. But as I read people's blogs, facebook notes, statuses and comments, my sorrow cannot be quenched and I am reminded that Josh is no longer with us. It has become real. 

Though, through all this present darkness I am also reminded of the joyous and selfless life he lived. As I was preparing to write this, I went on facebook and grabbed a few pictures that people had posted of Josh. I could have added hundreds more. In each one you can see his zeal for life, love of his friends and family and the Christ-like soul that dwelled within him. 

We must remember that this is not the end. With his passing, we only experience temporary separation; for one day we will meet with Josh again in a much better place. A friend of mine gave me a verse that I am clinging to: John 11:25-26 which says "I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?" And I am compelled to answer yes, I do believe in this promise from my Lord and Savior and I know Josh is alive in Christ more now than ever before. 

I know that much of this post has been said before and nothing can eliminate the pain we all feel, save Christ. Lean on him in your questioning and pain, for our perfect Creator IS and WILL ALWAYS BE

I know that I will be living my life differently because of Josh, I'm just sad that it has taken something like this to instill that within me. Let us honor Josh's memory and life by living ours' with the same free-spirit and love for Christ.

"Sleep well, my friend. There will be another moment when we will meet again." [Everything's An Illusion - Mayday Parade]

Josh, we will be with you soon! 

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